GmbH was founded in October 2016 in order to commercialize a novel battery testing technology, which has emerged from several years of academic research at Technical University of Munich.

The company has extensive experience in conducting battery tests and setting up battery laboratories. Combined with versatile battery test data, offers support for all consulting services and engineering support. Among the reference customers are German automotive OEMs and tier-1/tier-2 supplier. The innovative capacity and technological degree of novelty have lead to several awards, among others the TUM IdeAward and the Science4Life prize. The startup is supported by the EXIST Forschungstransfer programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

14.03.2017: win concept phase of Science4Life Venture Cups + Energy Cup (mehr...)

24.01.2017: Meet at Batterieforum Deutschland in Berlin

25.11.2016: wins the idea stage of the Science4Life competition (mehr...)

01.09.2016: is granted EXIST Forschungstransfer (mehr...)

18.02.2016: is awarded the TUM innovation prize(mehr...)

TECHNOLOGY has developed and patented a technology, that for the first time, enables fast, precise and simple battery tests also for large storage systems. The technology is based on the combination of a novel load pulse and innovative analysis algorithms. Measurements are completed and evaluated within a few milliseconds. The obtained data allows a complete and analytical parametrization of the electrical equivalent circuit network. Hence information on quality, aging and safety of the battery can be derived and all requirements on a modern battery test are met.


Both measurement and data processing are completed within milliseconds.


Results are analytically obtained and allow the derivation of single parameters or the holistic parametrization of the equivalent circuit model.


The test procedure is simple and self-explaining. Measurement is conducted automatically, as is postprocessing. Result’s level of detail can be adapted in order to fit the corresponding application.

Result data is unique,  comparable and of high significance. In contrast to existing testing technology, In contrast to existing technology, the method is user-friendly and does not require expert knowledge. As requirements in terms of infrastructure and power supply are significantly reduced, initial and operating costs can be minimized. This enables new potentials along the entire value chain of premium and complex battery systems, as they are utilized in electric vehicles or stationary storage systems.


The customer benefits of the novel testing technology are most obvious in applications, that require frequent, quick and reliable tests of large battery packs. That’s especially the case for the three targeted markets:


The fast and precise testing procedure reduces the costs for end-of-line-test by up to 80 % and enables an increase in production quality. Additional advantages arise from the unique and precise classification into quality classes and a continuous supervision of the prodcution process. Both effects result in a significantly reduced scrap rate.

Service + Maintenance

The value of electric cars is substantially linked to the state of its traction battery. technology allows fast and efficient tests, that for the first time can also be conducted by regular workshops and garages. The test procedure also allows to evaluate damaged or unknown batteries.

Second Life + Recycling

Smart recycling and second use of vehicle traction batteries adds to the sustainability of battery applications and offers economic potential. Recycling companies are facing a high number of unknown used batteries already today. Those systems have to be tested, commisioned and evaluated, before further use can be made of them. The more efficient technology of reduces recycling costs by reducing bottlenecks that today arise from time-consuming test procedures.

In all three segments, offers B2B products, that are aimed at industrial applications. In form of an end-of-line testing device, the technology can be added in existing and new production lines for battery cells, modules and packs. Those stationary integrated testers are accompanied by standalone and tabletop devices. The technology can also be integrated into custom applications. For all product classes develops hardware and software and acts as supporting partner for integration and commissioning.

TEAM has been founded by four researchers of the Technical University of Munich. 

All members of the team have extensive experience in the battery industry, are reknown experts for battery technology topics and authors of numerous publications and patents. 

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Brand holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. At the Institute of Electrical Energy Storage, he founded and lead the battery system technology team. In the context of his Phd thesis he focussed on measuring and modelling of large-scale battery systems. MB is responsible for the data processing algorithms and is the technical sales contact. 

Dipl.-Ing. B.Sc. Christian Huber holds degrees in Aeronautical engineering and business administration. He gathered working experience by successfully founding two startups and working within the Business Development group of Osram AG. Within his doctoral thesis he supervised the development of a stationary energy storage module.  CH is Managing Director of the GmbH and responsible for marketing.

Korbinian Schmidt is engineering technicican and active in the field of battery testing hardware for many years. He’s responsible for three battery laboratories and  holds all relevant high voltage certificates. KS assembles all battery testing hardware and supervises the desing, construction and production of hardware.

Max Horsche M.Sc. is facility engineer and graduated from Technial University of Munich as electrical engineer. Within his doctoral thesis he is actively conducting research in the field of battery state diagnostics. MH is responsible for the electronics development and supports after-sales and integration. 

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